on your arrival… Imagine being able to arrive at your holiday home to find the house clean, fresh supplies in the cupboards and fridge, and the garden tidy.  The mailbox would have been emptied and important mail already forwarded on.  Fresh sheets would be on the beds.  The car would have been serviced, cleaned and the tank filled with fuel. house maintenance…. With any home there are always small maintenance items that need to be taken care of.  Minor leaks, fittings that have become loose, areas that need refreshing with paint, pressure washing and shrubs pruned. We can take care of this. renovations, project management… If you are planning renovations or work done on the property then we can visit and provide progress reports along with photos.  We can also liaise with the artisans/tradesmen to facilitate the timely completion of work. in your absence… It can be comforting to know that somebody is regularly visiting your property to ensure that there are no leaks or damage after storms or that you have not had any unwelcome visitors.  on your departure… You could walk out at the end of your stay and know that everything will be taken care of.  Rubbish would be taken away,  perishable items removed from the fridge and bed linen and towels taken away for laundering.
second home management
property management